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Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for boys. Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for girls.  Make sure to check out our gallery for great ideas on decorating your special Simcha celebration!

Milestones and Special Events are definitely a time for celebration. Everyone loves balloons!!!  Think Balloons and Balloons Bring Smiles to all occasions!!!!


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Safety Tips2019-03-26T21:13:55-08:00

It’s never a good idea to inhale helium from a balloon.  Helium is not toxic but by inhaling, it can cause asphyxiation or loss of consciousness due to the lack of oxygen.  In some situations,  death could happen.  Be safe, just don’t do it.

What areas do you service?2019-03-26T21:10:56-08:00

Orange County and Los Angeles County


How much is a balloon arch?2019-03-30T14:59:07-08:00

There are many styles of arches.  Visit OUR GALLERY  Or perhaps you have a photo of an arch you’ve seen that you would like a quote on.

In all cases, knowing the questions below will help me provide a more accurate quote.

  • Know the height and the width of your arch.
  • Is the arch to be inside or outside?
  • Are you planning on having the arch over a single or double doorway, driveway, pool, stage or podium, to name a few examples?
  • Are there any obstacles such as trees or pokey things in the way of where you would like your arch placed?
  • How much time do we have to set up before your event?
  • What city is your event in?
  • What is the date of your event?

Call 714.842.8812 or drop me a line at

Can the environment affect my balloons?2019-03-26T21:28:17-08:00

Sometimes.…   Not all ceilings are balloon friendly.  For instance, everyone loves the look of balloons on the ceiling. Right?  Heat travels up, static electricity and light bulbs can also cause latex to pop.   Watch out for the ceiling fans too.

While on the topic of balloons on the ceiling, if you have a cathedral ceiling, helium balloons will travel to the highest point.

Do you guarantee outside work?2019-03-26T21:29:10-08:00

I would love to, but I haven’t figured out how to control  the weather from wind, heat, rain, mist, static, theft or pokey things.

How much are balloons?2019-05-22T19:10:17-08:00

Good question.  There are all shapes, sizes and specialty balloons available.  Because these are not sold individually, but used in arrangements such as, bouquets, arches, columns etc; we only quote on the complete design.

How long do helium balloons last?2019-01-25T04:35:09-08:00

You should expect to enjoy your balloons for:

  • 2 days using 11” balloons
  • 3-4 days using 16” balloons
  • 5-6 days if using 36” latex balloons

This is for indoor use only when using Hi-Float.  What is Hi-Float?  It is liquid Latex which coats the inside of the latex balloon and extends the float time.


Do you deliver balloon bouquets?2019-03-26T21:33:28-08:00

I sure do!  I deliver balloon bouquets in Orange County with a minimum order of $75 plus tax and delivery.

It’s probably best to call 3-5 days ahead to place your order for a balloon bouquet.

I deliver balloon bouquets during the weekdays to places of employment and hotels where your special delivery will be left at the receptionist desk.  Calls will always be made ahead of delivery to hospitals and place of residence to make sure the recipient is there to receive their special gift of smiles.  We will never leave the balloon bouquet on their door steps if they are not there.

Deliveries are made between the hours of 9a-5p.  There are always exceptions and am happy to accommodate when I can.

Weekends are reserved for special events.

What if I don’t know what I want, but I know I want to use your services?2019-03-26T21:37:56-08:00

If you are planning an event which includes things such as, but not limited to, room décor, centerpieces, entry decor, stage decor etc., as soon as you have a date and location, call  to secure the date.

How??  A $200 non-refundable retainer will lock your date in. This will be applied to your balance of course.  This also allows us time to talk and build on ideas to make your event one-of-a-kind experience.


Will you inflate my foil or latex balloons that I purchased somewhere else?2019-03-26T21:42:07-08:00

You won’t be saving any money that way.  You actually end up paying the same price as if I were to supply the same balloon.  The difference is if you don’t buy enough for backups and there is a defect, I’m not able to replace it and you may be out of luck.

The only exception would be if you had ordered foil or latex balloons with custom imprinted logo.  Make sure you order a few extras in case of defects.



SOS…..My venue will not allow helium balloons, can you still decorate?2019-03-30T14:59:22-08:00

YES!!  Most definitely.  Sculptures, columns, organic garlands, centerpieces and more can be done without helium.



Is your company insured?2019-03-26T21:44:36-08:00

Yes.  I am happy to provide a certificate of liability if requested for events.

What payment methods do you accept?2019-03-26T21:45:24-08:00

Visa, MC & AMEX and Checks

I do not take Pay Pal at this time.

How should I dispose of my balloons?2019-03-26T21:46:40-08:00

 Pin it!   Then Bin It! 


Balloon Releases and the Environment?2019-03-27T05:26:27-08:00

I do not encourage balloon releases.  Love your balloons, love your environment!

Keep your foil balloons safe!   Don’t let them go.  Always keep your balloons anchored with a weight at all times.

Why?  Power outages!  Los Angeles county has already tried to outlaw foil balloons twice.

Can you imagine a world without balloons?  A world without smiles?

The balloon industry has teamed up with SCE to educate folks about keeping your balloons safe and from creating problems from power outages.  Learn more.

How do you deliver a balloon arch?2019-03-26T21:49:45-08:00

We come to you!   Depending on the size of your arch, we would inflate on site.


If you are looking for creative, unique, and themed decor for your tables for any event, Francie at Balloons Sound Great is your perfect choice…..She is able to execute any ideas to reality and make your event be a vision that your guests will always remember…… Francie’s communication skills and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Balloons Sound Great.


Thank you so much for your flexibility and experience. … I felt comfortable, not being there, knowing you were going to be taking care of the balloons.




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